Help Bring Home A Hero

Spike arrived in the United States May 6th and was re-united with Neil May 15th! I didn't edit anything on here or her facebook in an attempt to keep it a secret to surprise him when he returned. Please forgive my lack of updates, I suspect you will agree that the surprise was well worth it!


Spike received some of her vaccinations today after she had rested from her long journey to reach the shelter. Last night the shelter manager and I spoke about her, they seem like wonderful people, for security reasons I cannot name anyone. I am so thankful for their help in this, without them Spikes rescue would not have been possible. If you care to make a donation to the shelter that is making this and other rescues possible you may do so under the how you can help section as all funds that do not go directly to Spike will go to the shelter that makes these rescues possible.


Spike and her driver both safely arrived at the shelter this afternoon. She is underweight and will begin a special diet to help her quickly but safely reach a healthier weight. She is adjusting well to the shelter and appears to be healthy aside from being slightly underweight.


Spike is currently in route to safety at the shelter, stay tuned for further updates. Neil was able to send me quite a few more pictures which I posted to her facebook group (link is under Contact Us page), I will try and post them here later this evening as well. I hope to have a new one as soon as she arrives at the shelter.