Help Bring Home A Hero
Thank you ALL for your support and effort in bringing this wonderful animal home!

We have received  many donations from  wonderful and caring individuals and were able to get Spike out of war torn Marjah, Afghanistan during the battle "Operation Moshtarak" due in large part to generous donations and also to brave and kindhearted locals. I wish I could name those who have made this possible on the Afghan end but it is still to dangerous for them to be acknowledged. I have the utmost respect for all who have made this possible and continue to help animals throughout the region despite the turmoil the region faces and the risk these individuals take in helping animals while facing an all to real threat in doing so! To those who donated, we could not have done this without your generosity! What you have made a very real difference in the lives of many, not just Spikes but in everyone who has loved her and fought for her to come home. 

Please share Spike's story with others, creating a public concern for this issue. There are many other animals that need to be rescued.